Introducing ViewBooster®

Platform to Boost your view on Devices

A Ground-Breaking Analytics Solution that provides real time informations from your devices. ViewBooster assists our clients in making better strategic business decisions.

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Device Management

You easily organize your data device and also improve the learning experience and understanding about your device performance. You can count on a great number of tools to monitor your devices, test , keep track of how they evolve during the use and so on.

Friendly Support Area

We like working with you. We created a Friendly Support to help you track service desk call volume, troubleshooting, ticket status, show you how our products work and help you solve problems of any sort.

Top Security

Data security is the highest priority for us. As a ViewBooster customer, you will benefit from a built-in data center and network architecture to meet the demands of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Interactive Dashboard and Reports

Analytical data crossed with strategic business information

Device and Supplies Information

Real-time information managed by the company

Location & Inventory

Quick and easy multiple locations inventory

Analytics and Alert System

Get insights to act swiftly with the Analytics

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You are in charge

Autonomy to access and manage the data from your devices wherever you are

Removing Borders

Remote and security data collection from devices

Devices can generate millions of data every day. However, much of this data remains completely idle. Let us tackle it by showing everything that makes sense to you.

IoT Area

One Platform. Endless possibilities

Our platform equips you with several handy tools integrating devices and applications, using IoT features and functions at the same way.

Management Supplies

Total control of all suplpies

ViewBooster enables you to antecipate the need for supplies through diverse data streams. It is essential to keep the success of your company.

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